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omg the chameleon

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Eleanor Davis


Collaboration with Katherine Guillen

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mexican american gothic
santiago forero

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Beer brings cheer.
—Ancient Ajlian proverb (via princesswetkitty)
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Enric Huguet


Women are magnificent.

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I want JUSTICE! #supremecourt #unequaljusticeunderlaw #fmla #feminist

Vietnam memorial

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How to make your own orange massage oil :)

Orange oil is an essential oil derived from the glands of the orange peel. Pale to dark orange in color, it has a strong, fragrant aroma that is uplifting to the senses. Orange oil may be used in cooking and baking or as a treatment in alternative medicine. Alternative medicine practitioners often use orange oil as an anti-inflammatory, antidepressant and as a sedative. You can prepare orange oil at home for your own personal use.

Step 1

Peel the skin of 20 large oranges. Put the skins in a bowl, and set them aside to dry for two hours.

Step 2

Process the orange skins in a food processor until they become a very dry paste, which will usually take about five minutes.

Step 3

Put the grounded orange peels into a Mason jar. Add 1 cup of vodka, or enough to cover the skins. Cover the jar with a lid.

Step 4

Put the jar in a sunny area of your house, and leave it there for about three days. Shake the jar at least twice a day.

Step 5

Put on kitchen gloves. Open the Mason jar, and strain the mixture with a strainer. Throw away the orange peels.

This is so easy. 



La pura neta
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most amazing words ever spoken.

Eartha Kitt, dropping some self-love realness.

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